Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Therapy and Roid Rage

Mikan had his newborn follow-up clinic evaluation today with some of his old NICU girlfriends. He did pretty well with them until the end. He likes opening doors now and all he wanted to do was walk to the door and pound on it. Mikan also had ST and OT today, he's a trooper. His evaluation showed significant improvement. He is at least keeping pace with his adjusted age for his cognitive skills. He is a little behind in everything else, but we're floored that he is learning new things every day.

He has finally been sleeping better at night. Whatever he was fighting seems to be leaving his system. And we're done with the temporary steroid boost. I'm thankful for that because I've been attributing his lack of afternoon napping and crabbiness to some roid rage.

Mikan LOVES the computer. We can't have it on when he's in the room.

Mikan's ritual of "eating" food. (Putting it in his mouth and sucking all the flavor off, then spitting it back out...This was a tortilla chip goatee)


Colleen said...

So glad to hear that your done with the steriods. Good stuff, but Isaac gets roid rage too.

DevonLeah said...

glad he is sleeping better :) that picture is too cute!

Hope said...

I'm happy he's sleeping better and done with steroids. I'm also happy he puts food in his mouth, even if he does spit it out later. It's a great start.

Alicia said...

Mikan alway has the best expressions!! He is so funny. I love the tortilla chip goatee, too cute!!

So glad he is doing well with his therapies. Having three in one day is rough though. I hope he just keeps improving so well that you are able to cut back or discharge altogether soon. Until then, keep up the good work Mikan!!

Glad the roid rage is gone too, that can't be easy!

Michelle and Sean said...

Ha ha ha!! That picture of him with the food is too cute!! That is funny that he sucks the flavor off and spits out the rest. I mean I know you want him to eat it all but its just funny the things these cute little kids figure out.

I hope Mikan continues to get better. When it rains it pours. I'm sorry he won't likely be getting the trach out this fall. I am very hopeful for you guys in the spring. We are praying for you all.