Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nutter Butters and College Football

Mikan found another favorite food to lick.

As a faithful Irish fan, Mikan thinks this is the year for Notre Dame football. 35-0 is a nice start.

We have another shot at a scope on Tuesday. Mikan's feeling better so we're assuming it's a go. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers.


Alicia said...

Great to see him licking on the nutty bars. Those are some of my faves too!

Already praying for the scope on Tuesday.

Not an "Irish" fan per se, but Miakn looking so cute in his ND shirt made me shout out loud "GO IRISH!!"

Have a great weekend!

Junior said...

Oh Yummy, we love nutter butters. Have fun watching your football.

Michelle and Sean said...

So funny!! Not the football, That's serious but the nutter butters!! (Sean likes football too, so we don't joke around about that) ;)

I hope the scope goes well on tuesday! We are praying for you guys!! Can't wait to hear the update!

Maggie says hi to Mikan. She was literally just staring at him in awe on the computer.

Take care

Hope said...

I'm glad he's tasting food! Ava does that too. Mikan is an adorable ND fan!

Ava is a Buckeye girl;)

Ann said...

You know, that Mikan is just about the cutest kid I've ever seen! Love him. Although I don't always leave comments, I check in on you guys often.

Good luck with the scope.

Btw, love the Fighting Irish!

Angela Saoud said...

Mikan -- a boy after my own heart! Nutter Butters = Amazing! :)

Visit soon?

DevonLeah said...

he is just too cute!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Oooh, I love those bars too! Mikan has good taste. :)