Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Summer Adventures

Mikan and I went to South Bend Regional to loiter and see the President land in Air Force One and take off in Marine One.

We don't claim to have seen the President. But it was interesting to experience the security, scale, and organization of the presidential visit.

We also saw Muhammad Ali take off from the airport. He is the man starting to walk up the stairway to the small plane. Apparently he has a place in Benton Harbor. Evidence it was Muhammad Ali:
1.) He had helpers on each side of him to walk him to the airplane.
2.) Some guy said he thought he saw him in a car drive up to the building he walked out of. 3.) There was a woman who claimed to have had a picture taken with him inside the building before he took off.
4.) There are other people taking pictures of him getting on the plane.


Life in the Bend said...

It's awesome that you took him! I still remember my dad keeping me out of school one day in first grade to see Reagan and Air Force One land at the airport. I couldn't see him, but I lied to my dad and said I could so that he didn't feel sad.

Hua said...

Hello John and Jenna,

Mikan looks really adorable in the picture!

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