Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Foods Revealed...And Another Surgery

Elephant Ear and bluberries. No, Mikan still isn't "eating" them, but he likes to lick a lot of things...that counts for something.

We had an appointment with the ENT this week. She watched Mikan breathe with the PMV, without the PMV, and with a cap over the trach. She didn't like how he was retracting with his PMV and the cap. (She capped experimentally because she thought Mikan was outgrowing his trach naturally.) We've been using the PMV for 12 hours a day for about 3 weeks now. She said the retractions are probably one of 2 things: Nothing is wrong, it is just difficult for him to breathe around a trach, and he is ready to downsize. Or, he is growing more granulation tissue.

What do John and I think? We both think he has had mild retractions his whole life and they are probably just a symptom of being trached. The recommendation by the ENT was to do another scope before she made any final decisions about downsizing. She said now that if we scheduled another surgery 6 weeks after our last one then that would give the airway an appropriate amount of time to heal, and she could take one last look with a flexible scope. If the airway looks good, then she will downsize. If there is more tissue, then she will remove it, but if there is a significant amount, then it may delay downsizing. We are pretty optimistic about this. So we have another scope either at the end of August or early September.


Alicia said...

I couldn't get a good enough of a peek at the first pic to even venture a guess, but blueberries straight from the source? Yummy!!

Elephant Ear may be a regional thing. Either that or I am a social dummy because I've never heard of them. Looks good and kind of like funnel cake or fry bread. And it looks like I was pretty close on the whole churro guess. :)

I sure hope it is not granulation tissue again. That poor guy just got over the last round! Praying for you guys.

Hope said...

Praying surgery goes well and works out the way you want it to. I think Mikan and Ava like to have surgery together. This is the 2nd time they're scheduled within a week or so of each other.