Monday, July 13, 2009

Look Who's Talking...


Mikan has been tolerating his PMV all day now, he even napped with it on today. Although he isn't overly vocal yet, he is eating (well, tasting) better. He prefers us to put foods on his lips and he will lick them off his face. Last night he tasted guacamole, salsa, and refried beans with us.


Hope said...

His voice is so sweet (ahem.., I mean manly). I'm sure hearing that voice means so much to you. ((Hugs)) Are you having any luck keeping his glasses on?

Alicia said...

That is so awesome!! I am so glad you can hear his little grunts. That is how Marissa started using her PMV and within a few short months she was doing "baby babble". Marissa also really likes to take tastes of whatever we are eating, so I am glad that the PMV helps Mikan to do that also. Big steps!!

I think Mikan has a major fan in Marissa. She was absolutely riveted by the second video. I think she's in love!!! And who wouldn't be, with that handsome charming boy?