Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

I finally copied some pictures onto a CD from my camera. Our camera is still malfunctioning. We had a pretty busy weekend visiting family over the holiday. Unfortunately, Mikan hasn't been healing as nicely as we anticipated from his surgery. He still bleeds after trach care and has a lot of secretions. Ever since the surgery he has needed suctioned more frequently than normal. I'm hoping this is just because he is trying to heal. He also still has bloody drainage around his trach stoma where they had to cut open some flaps of skin to remove some of the blockage. Furthermore, he just appears to be in more pain than we expected him to be experiencing a week post-surgery. We've tried the Passy Muir Valve twice, but he wouldn't tolerate it. He keeps gagging and crying. He never used to do this, so we're hoping it's just a sign that his airway isn't completely healed yet. We were told the swelling was supposed to go down by this weekend, but I'm not sure that it has yet.

Mikan's haircut

Mikan before surgery

At least he has a nicely shaped head for a preemie.

Mikan after surgery (still feeling the effects of the pain meds).

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Alicia said...

I'm praying for better healing for Mikan. I am sorry he is having a rough go of things right now. He sure does look cute with the bald head!!