Friday, June 5, 2009

A Ride Through Town

This morning Mikan visited Daddy at summer school. I took him in to visit with the office staff of our school after I dropped off my school laptop for the summer, then we stopped by John's summer school classroom. This was Mikan's first adventure inside of a school. We have been avoiding them for a long time. In fact, John and I would shower and change our clothes when we got home from work before we even touched Mikan. However, Mikan is growing healthier and should be able to tolerate more outings like this one.

This evening Mikan took his first ride in the bike trailer we bought him. I think it was a success. It can hold two kids, but with Mikan's suction machine, emergency trach bag, ambu bag, and biox machine, it was pretty full.

Mikan held tightly to his biox machine and made sure his levels were satisfactory during the ride.

Mikan responds well to tickling lately. He opens his mouth really wide and looks like he is trying to laugh. It is fun, but also sad. We really haven't been able to hear him laugh yet. Even when he was tolerating his Passy Muir Valve, he wasn't developmentally ready to laugh. Now I think he probably would laugh if given the vocal opportunity. Sure, not hearing the crying can be nice sometimes...but never hearing cooing, or excited babbling, or laughter is a huge loss. I look forward to the day he can tolerate the PMV better and start making sounds.


Tamara said...

o.k. that is just about the cutest picture I have ever seen! AWWWhhhh squishy boy!

Michelle and Sean said...

I love that he can go out and see the world now!! I can't wait for you guys to see if he can get that trach out. I hope it all works out! I know how you feel about not being able to hear them. I just want to hear Maggie so bad. We haven't even got to try a pmv with her yet.

Maggie is on the vent just at night however they would like her to be on all the time except she totally puts up a fight and gets really mad all the time so they said that she is burning more calories doing that so they are okay with her on it just at night for now. Her settings are peep 5, pip 9, tv 50, pressure support 8, and bpm 22. These were just changed to this but now she will be having another sleep study on Sunday so they will probably change again. Last time they changed it they did blood gases and they were not that good. So hopefully this sleep study will go better. How did you find out that Mikan might be getting off the vent soon? We don't get a lot of info about anything and they told us they won't even consider it until next spring/summer. Yuck!

Hope said...

Isn't it great when you start taking him out finally? I still feel wierd about taking Ava places sometimes, but I remind myself that I'm her mother. I'm allowed to take my baby out! haha
Mikan looks so in his glasses. Tell him Ava might be getting her own glasses next month.

I'm sorry about Mikan not making noises. That would upset me too. I hope he starts tolerating his PMV soon.

Jason and Rachel said...

Hi Jenna! No problem about the Bumbo offer! Mikan looks great in his bike trailer- it looks like he really enjoyed his ride! We just had the boys in ours last night on a trip up to the ice cream shop..we have to wedge a blanket in between the two of them as a 'buffer zone' otherwise they get all bent out of shape if they're touching each other for too long. Oh, already starts! :) Do you know Tonya and her little girl Graycen from the NICU? I'm getting together with them on Monday if you and Mikan would like to join us let me know!