Friday, April 3, 2009

"That's funny, I thought I made all the news."

"Mmmmm...High-quality polymer..."

This week our house was under construction. We had a hole cut through our living room into Mikan's bedroom so we could have easier access to his room and also heat the front part of our house with our wood burning stove. We discovered that a previous home owner left the outside siding and window of the house on when they added on our living room. This is something we'd never thought we'd see inside our house.

Tomorrow Jenna has a girl trip to Chicago with Gam Gam, Cousin Tia, Maggie, Maria, and Aunt Nikole! John is on Mikan-duty.


Hope said...

Good luck on the home construction! Could Mikan get any cuter? I think it's impossible, he's adorable.

Have a fun and safe trip, Jenna!

Marissa said...

Totally cute pics of Mikan!

Now John, listen. Mikan's hair is short enough. Back away from the scissors and clippers man, and no one gets hurt!! ;)

Have a great weekend guys!


Anonymous said...

aww girl day in Chicago, Go see a show!!! haha xP Also, those pictures are adorable of Mikan!! haha Nice construction, so see your "they're gonna go boooooooommm to this wall" spiel was about right.. then went boooooom so hard they found other things inbetween! haha