Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Monday

Some playtime pics from today.

We are thrilled to report that after a few applications of silver nitrate which we obtained from a friend, Mikan's g-tube stoma looks wonderful (well, according to Mikan standards) for now and isn't causing him as much pain.

We had a visit from the nutritionist today. Mikan now weighs 19lbs 3oz. He's been having great weight gain (He doesn't have a lot of choice with the g-tube).

Right now Mikan is way overdue for his last Synagis shot. There was some confusion about insurance coverage for an April dose, and, as result, he is about three weeks behind. We are hoping to get that taken care of.

Speaking of insurance issues...has anyone been billed multiple times for medical expenses that your insurance is covering, but aren't paying in a timely fashion for one reason or another (no prior authorization obtained, they entered our member ID wrong, etc.), and then when you call the company to ask about a specific charge, there are so many claims filed that they cannot figure out which one (or ones) you are talking about? I have am on the phone about once a week with our insurance company trying to get something straightened out that they need to pay for. At some point in the conversation, a representative inevitably says, "You're going to have to wait a minute. Your son has a lot of claims I need to sort through." Usually the conversation is about 30 minutes on a good day, sometimes up to an hour.

Mikan was also a little upset when he heard that there was a chance of snow showers tomorrow morning. Is it the end of April? He was just starting to enjoy being outdoors.


Hope said...

That's great news that his stoma looks better! He's getting big! He's catching up to Ava fast. Just 3 pounds apart now:)

Is he still on steroids at all?

John Gensic said...

Thankfully he has tolerated being off his steroids wonderfully. He hasn't had any since mid October.

Marissa said...

Great news about the g-tube stoma!

Look at those beautiful big blue eyes! Such a handsome little man!

Oye, don't even get me started on insurance issues! What a scam!! Good luck with all that.


Jamie said...

the cheeks say it all...he looks so healthy (and handsome). glad to hear his stoma is getting better! i'm on the phone with an insurance company at least once a week. i have a bill from one of adali's first days in the nicu that keeps showing up in the mailbox as way overdue (obviously) and every time i call they tell me they can't find a charge. "then pease quit sending me something telling me i'm going to collections." the sad part is adali had double coverage until just recently and i think it's caused more headaches than it was worth.

Rachel Marini said...

Mikan just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!! I'm so glad the g-tube issue is finally getting resolved. Insurance...UGH. I abhor having to get on the phone and waste my time dealing with them. Do you have a case manager that helps? Does Mikan have secondary insurance?? I'm sorry for all the annoying phone calls you have to make...we do get statements from the insurance about claims but since we have M.A. secondary that usually just picks up and I don't have to worry, most of the time!!

It is SO good to see Mikan off the ventilator. I can just imagine the freedom it must be not to have lug around the vent and all that comes with it.....

Sending much love,