Thursday, April 16, 2009

Milestone Reached and a New Look

Today was the first day we left the house without the ventilator, battery, back-up power cord, vent car adapter, circuit, and back-up circuit. It was liberating. We only dragged along a back-up 02 tank, a biox monitor, and his emergency bag. Right now Mikan is only on the vent overnight, but he is doing so well that we will probably experiment with leaving him off a few times before his surgery so that we can report his progress to the pulmonologist.

Now for a little disappointing news...We left the house today so that Mikan could be fitted for glasses. After his eye doctor appointment on Tuesday, the doc said that he has become "significantly more near-sighted," and it will begin to hinder his development soon, so he recommended glasses. I asked about natural compensation that Mikan might develop with time and growth, but this doc said that because he has had laser eye surgery, that doesn't happen. While the surgery prevented the bad growth on his eyes that was causing retina detachment, it also killed the good growth as well (sorry, I forgot all the medical terms that were used in this discussion). So as he grows, and his eyes get longer, his vision will progressively worsen. He said that some kids who have had laser surgery get contacts as early as 8 years old so they don't have to wear thick glasses. He might be able to have corrective surgery in the future, but not until his eyes stop growing (when he's 15-18 years old). So...until then it's going to be a pretty expensive journey...We were told that his current prescription is pretty expensive, and it will probably keep getting worse...Lovely. Anyway, I'm sure he'll look adorable in them, I just don't know how we're going to keep them on. It was quite an experience trying to fit a bunch of different kinds on him today. There were only certain types that worked for his head (which is apparently "teen-size") and face shape and age. He wanted to eat them all. We ordered them today. I'll have pictures next week when they come in. The optometrist said that he could model for GQ when she saw him in them. I'm not sure if she was just trying to sell them or if she was serious. You can be the judge.


Jason and Rachel said...

How exciting about not having to lug all of your usual equipment along! yea!!! Though expensive, I bet the glasses will be just adorable. :)

Jamie said...

Congratulations on the HUGE milestone. Can't wait to see Mikan in his glasses. My brother, sister and I all needed glasses at a very young age. I was just able to have surgery 2 years ago. Although it will be tough to get him to keep them on at first, I have a feeling he will realize how much he likes to see out of them and won't fight it as, he'll pick up more chicks that way...chicks dig glasses.

Lindsey Corbin said...

Thats great news on the equipment! And don't worry about the glasses, yes, inconvenient and expensive, but I got contacts in 3rd grade (8 yrs old) and I'm surviving just fine :) I'm sure he will be a stud regardless, and besides, he will look more smart than he already is!

Michelle and Sean said...

That is so great that he is not needing to have all of his equipment with him. How weird for you guys to leave the house without it. It must feel so weird. I'm not sure what we will do when Maggie isn't needing so much.

I'm sure he is going to be adorable with glasses even though I can see the worry with him pulling them off. But he'll get use to them.