Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lips Discovery

Mikan's doorway is completed and our house is finally put back together. It looks great. We love being able to use Mikan's room during the daytime.

Thanks to a gracious friend, we now have an ample supply of silver nitrate sticks, and his stoma appears to be in better shape. To most, it would look disgusting still, but since I've seen much worse, I guess I'm growing accustomed to it. However, I'm afraid Mikan has developed a bad habit of associating anything that touches his stomach with incredible pain. Even though the stoma looks a little better, he still flinches and cries whenever anyone touches his g-tube. I think he may be too used to the pain. I'm not sure. But still no sign of getting rid of it soon. Mikan hates the spoon now. Right now I swipe foods onto his lips (sometimes baby purees, sometimes pasta sauce, or clam chowder) and he tastes them. That's the best we have going right now.

Respiratory-wise, Mikan still continues to improve. We are anxious about his scope at the end of the month and the possibility of ditching the vent for good. He still has a high respiratory rate while awake, but he has no problem keeping up his sats. I don't know if the high rate is a normal baby thing, or something he'll have to cope with due to his chronic lung disease. Mikan's pediatrician just ordered an extra Synagis dose to combat RSV season. He was just recently exposed to RSV through one of his nurses whose daughter had it, so we're hoping he maintains a healthy state.


Marissa said...

Lovin' the lip poppin'! He sounds like an old school beat boxer!


awesome aunt annette said...

Now that he has learned to make fart noises with his mouth, he probably won't stop doing that until he is an old man. It will go from being cute, to annoying, to hiliarious. Can't wait to search for Easter eggs on Sunday! Oh yeah!

Jamie said...

i think you have a future beat boxer on your hands! i'm glad to hear the stoma looks a bit better...hopefully mikan will get some relief soon.