Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last Day without Glasses

Mark it. Today will be the last day Mikan went without glasses. He gets them tomorrow afternoon. Kind of exciting. I think it'll open the rest of the world to him. I think it'll have some babe appeal as well. I never had glasses but still landed Jenna, so I don't buy into the whole "glasses are cute/sexy" bit. I think I'll start calling him four eyes now, just to toughen him up a little. He'll think his name is Four Eyes Mikan Boy when he goes to school. I can see it now.

First day of preschool, "I am going to call out your name. If you go by another name, please let me know. Mikan Gensic" the teacher calls out.
Mikan responds, "I go by Four Eyes Gensic"
"Really?" the teacher asks in bewilderment.
"Yep, I had retinopathy of prematurity. Therefore, I had laser eye surgery which caused nearsightedness. The glasses change the focal length of my eye to help me focus."
The teacher looks forward to an exciting year with Mikan Boy.


Hope said...

LOL you crack me up. Who knows? Maybe he'll skip preschool and go right to medical school.

He's going to so freakin' cute with glasses!

Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

John, that sounds like something you would have said at 4 years old on your first day of preschool, only it would have been in reference to female merganzers or something just as intellectual. Glasses are cool, have Mikan ask Uncle Mike sometime for his school pictures to see his coke bottles. It's a good thing for cousin Maria that there is new lense technology or she would be wearing coke bottle glasses too. (like her dad did) Have fun getting the glasses, I can't wait to see pictures, he will look adorable.

Jason and Rachel said...

The glasses are so stinking cute! Wish we could have made the SB MOD walk...we were in Florida but are gearing up for the one in Elkhart this next weekend...