Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Therapy Day

Mikan had his 6 month First Steps review this morning. It's amazing the progress he's made; however, he still has so far to go. He had a speech therapy session in the afternoon. His eating hasn't been great lately. He hasn't taken the bottle in about 2 weeks, but he's still eating small amounts of purees. The speech therapist discussed the possibility of skipping the bottle and going to a training straw, which I am totally in favor of. We will also be adding a PT in the spring sometime. His OT and ST think that part of his feeding issues are position-related, so they want to work together with a PT to help resolve this issue. His OT also talked about a "binder," which is an elastic band that wraps around his trunk. This would help him develop all of his muscles without learning any bad habits from a weak trunk.

His bronch has been delayed awhile. Right now it is scheduled for April 28th. The pulmonologist will do the scope and remove the tissue inside the trachea at the same time his ENT will be removing the huge granuloma that is growing on the outside of his trach stoma. It just took that long for their schedules to be able to coincide. I'm also hoping they can give him another "aggressive dose" of silver nitrate to the g-tube. We've made another appointment with his local g-tube doctor because it is still bleeding and causing him pain. I think it's just going to be a battle until it is removed.

We plan on enjoying the beautiful weather this afternoon!


Marissa said...

I love that last picture of him looking at the book. It looks like he is really contemplating what is on those pages!! Too cute!


Tara Ashlee said...

aww, i love his little smile. He's too cute. And when he's looking at that book, he looks a tad cross eyes, my cat does that from time to time!!