Tuesday, March 24, 2009

G-Tube Visit #?

Mikan visited the G-tube surgeon today. Apparently, there is a decent percentage of g-tube patients that just have to live with moderate to severe g-tube discomfort. Mikan is learning to be tough.

Struggles with eating continue. He is becoming a little more aggressive in his anti-eating campaign. He is starting to shake his head "no" and grab the spoon with his fingers to thwart off the food enemy. However, he does like to grab and put regular baby carrots in his mouth. He likes to be in control (or think he is).

He is improving his walking with support, his supporting himself with his arms, and his responding to stimuli.


Rachel Marini said...

Great news guys! I love seeing the pics of Mikan. He's so expressive... so adorable! I'm sorry he has to endure the g-tube pain. He is gonna be one tough guy. They always say kids are so much more tolerant of pain than adults but it's so sad when our little guys have to go through such tough stuff.
Sending love your way!
Rachel and Gabe

Marissa said...

Man, that is the toughest thing to accept; that he'll just have to live with the pain. That stinks, I'm sorry. Hopefully you can figure out what will work to minimize his discomfort as much as possible.

With Marissa, the eating thing was all about control too. Three months before she turned one, she came down with aspiration pneumonia and we did not feel comfortable with her eating by mouth until we determined it was safe. By the time she turned one, we had a swallow study and we started trying to feed her again. We were told by a feeding specialist that, while we did the right thing, the timing was off because she now was asserting her independence and desire for control as a one year old. Bummer!

Good to see that he enjoys the baby carrot,though. That video is too cute! Marissa enjoys those kinds of things too. So all hope is not lost. These kids write their own instruction manuals, don't they?


Michelle and Sean said...

He is so cute!! Maggies doctor said that he has never had a g-tube that didn't have some type of problem. He told us to prepare for that. So far things have been fine with hers, we are really lucky, going on three months now. Hopefully there will be some turn around with the eating thing so maybe he can get that out. Wishing you all the best! He's lookin good!

Anonymous said...

haha, he thwarts off the food enemy?? Gooo Mikan!!! haha Carrots.. that sounds like fun, although I can't imagine sucking on them, which from the looks of it is what he is doing.. haha, but ohwell!! Progress is good!! :)

Gripping Mercy and Grace said...

Ohhh little guy! I am so glad you are holding, touching, excepting and tasting carrots! Eating is a big thing! Did you know there are 27 things that take place before we even swallow!!! God is so amazing, we are so intricately made! Little steps lead to bigger ones and we will pray that you soon start exploring other textures, smells and tastes! Thinking of you little one! It was so good to see you in your little walker, bouncing and playing with your carrot!