Thursday, March 26, 2009


Mikan went to the Newborn Follow-Up Clinic at the hospital yesterday. He met with several nurses and therapists who evaluated his progress since discharge. His fine motor and gross motor skills matched about a 5-6 month old with scattered skills of a 7 month-old. This was lower than I expected, but certainly a good amount of progress since the last visit 6 months ago when he was functioning at a 1-2 month old level. His speech/oral motor skills were at an 11 month level! This was surprising considering we can barely get him to eat anything.

Here are some videos from last night and today of Mikan exploring his "toys."


Hope said...

I love the videos, he's adorable, like always=)
It sounds like he's progressing pretty well, so that's great! He's been through so much. I do hate to hear that he has to live with Gtube pain. There has to be something they can do.

Rachel Marini said...

Great videos! SO good to see Mikan playing (and off the vent! Yay!). It was great to hear your laughs - what a wonderful environment for Mikan to be in, hearing his parents laughter and praises!

Marissa said...

Sweet videos! I love the one where he is in his exer-saucer, with toys all around him and he chooses to play with the bowl. Too typical!!!

I agree with Hope. It sounds like Mikan is doing well for all that he has been through. I know how hard it is to hear that he is months behind in many areas, but I have been told that these kids catch up pretty quickly in a couple of years.


Anonymous said...

haha aw, maybe you should tell him, that you usually eat what is in a bowl, and not the bowl itself. haha just messin, but the bubbles video was way adorable!! He kinda has the same expression I do when I see bubbles.. like that glossy, mesmorized look..?