Monday, March 2, 2009

Before My First Birthday...

March 5th, 2009

Before my first birthday I...
Had innumerable blood gases.
Had a PDA ligation.
Had a hernia surgery.
Breathed on my own.
Breathed on a drager ventilator.
Breathed on a Servo i ventilator.
Breathed on a jet ventilator.
Breathed on a LTV 950 ventilator.
Breathed on CPAP.
Breathed on a nasal canula.
Breathed through a Passy Muir valve.
Breathed with assistance of an ambu bag.
Had at least three blood transfusions.
Had a tracheostomy.
Had a gastrostomy.
Had a granuloma removed.
Had many lung x-rays.
Had many echocardiograms.
Had many eye examinations.
Had laser eye surgery.
Have turned blue about a handful of times.
Tackled JT.
Had a nissen wrap.
Gotten nutrition by breastfeeding.
Gotten nutrition from a spoon.
Gotten nutrition from a bottle.
Gotten nutrition from an IV.
Gotten nutrition from a pic line.
Gotten nutrition from a G-tube.
Pooped from taking miralex.
Pooped from taking plums.
Pooped from having a belly massage.
Pooped from having a suppository.
Been under a billy light a couple of different times.
Kept warm from an incubator.
Kept warm by a blanket.
Kept warm from mom and dad.
Kept warm from my hot pot.
Kept warm by being a natural hot body.
Kept warm from a fire.
Have not used a furnace.
Have ridden in an ambulance.
Have had my g-tube "aggressively silver nitrated"
Have had nurses, firemen, EMTs, cousins, therapists, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends come over to my house.
Lived in the NICU, PICU, and my home.
Had five girlfriends: Sally, Dee, Julie, Mary, and baby Gracie.
Visited over 20 doctors.
Went down a slide 3 times (today).
Could communicate the "up" sign.

Happy Birthday Mikan!


jkhenson said...

Wow, already a year?? Happy Birthday Mikan! (And happy Mikan's birthday, Mom and Dad! :))From Ohio

Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

Happy Birthday my precious nephew!
I was at working at school today and I was asking all the people I work with, "Guess what today is?" I was so happy to tell them that today was your very first birthday! And even though they have never met you they were very excited. I've been thinking about you all day today. We all love you very much and we can't wait to see you Saturday!!

Life in the Bend said...

I was just thinking this afternoon as we walked by the hospital that it must be close to his birthday. Happy birthday Mikan! May your next year be much less eventful than your first!

awesome aunt annette said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKAN!!! It's been a rough year, you have accomplished alot, but tackling JT. Just wait until saturday for round two. Love, The Morlans

Mary Ann said...

Dearest Mikan,
You have had quite a year. You have accomplished so much this first year. I look forward to hearing of many more accomplishments over the next year. We hope to visit with you soon. We enjoy reading your blog.
Mike and Mary Ann

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Mikan. You look so awesome off the vent :-)

Hope said...

Happy Birthday Mikan! What a year you've had! You've survived more than a lot of people will endure in their entire lives. And you looked adorable doing it all! I hope this next year is full of vent-free, HEALTHY, happy, playful memories.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an over achiever at only age one!! Hope he had fun at the park!! Happy Birthday Mikan!! :)

Marissa said...

Happy Birthday Mikan!!!

It really makes your head spin to think about all these kiddos have gone through in their short little lives, huh? I can tell you for sure that my almost two year old daughter has done way more drugs than I have! ;)


sally said...

Happy Birthday Mikan! I can not believe it has been a year! After reading the list I realized that Mikan cheated on me with quite a few other girls :) So young and already a player! You have come so far thanks to your amazing parents! I can not wait to see what progess you will make by 2.