Thursday, February 12, 2009


I presented John with the idea of changing our blog background to make it a little more interesting. He refused anything that wasn't basketball related. Finally we settled on a picture of George Mikan, the Croatian basketball player Mikan was named after.

So earlier this week when John turned on our stationary suction machine, it began smoking, yes, smoking, (but not cigarettes). Then a burning smell filled our living room. When John unplugged it he received a minor shock. We were forced to use our extremely noisy portable suction machine all night, then the entire following day after our home care dropped off the wrong suction machine as a replacement. Now we have the right new stationary suction machine, but it makes a horrible noise, and we've resorted to wrapping it in a towel to muffle the cacophony.

We went for another trip to the ENT today because the granuloma around Mikan's trach has turned a bright red and continues to grow. His doctor said that we need to watch for bleeding and irritation and pay attention to whether or not it is interfering with the changing of the trach. We have an appointment with both our pediatrician and pulmonologist on March 10th, and after we talk about weaning him off the ventilator with them, the ENT said hopefully we can do a scope to remove granulation tissue on the inside of his trachea as well as the one growing on the outside. This scope is done in preparation for decanulation, so nothing is certain right now. The ENT's hope was that his granuloma wouldn't grow too large before late March or early April, and then maybe she could take care of it along with the scope. But we have no idea when he will be preparing for decanulation, so right now we just have to hope that it won't grow any larger so we don't have to undergo yet another surgery.

Mikan is doing better with smiling, so I tried to catch him grinning to show it off.


Anonymous said...

he has such a gorgeous smile.

Marissa said...

I think it is cool to know where Mikan's name comes from. I had been wondering who the guy who was plastered all over your blog was. :)

I so hate the earsplitting suction machine. I just wish it could be quieter for those middle of the night suctions where Marissa is not quite awake, but she sure is afterward!

I am sorry about the granulation tissue. That has got to be so hard for Mikan, and for you guys.

Cute pics and video of little man smiling!