Friday, February 6, 2009

Status Quo

Mikan's status has remained the same. His respiratory health continues to improve. He no longer needs any extra 02 day or night. We've been able to take him off the vent several times each day for an hour or sometimes 2 each time. He does great.

His g-tube still leaks and is very sore, so his playtime is a little limited. But we are trying to be creative with the tummy time positions. The feedings have slightly improved. He likes moving food around with his tongue and lips, but refuses to open his mouth for the spoon. Instead he lets you put the spoon on his lips and he will eventually loosen his lips enough for you to spoon some in. Once it's in, he likes it.

The videos illustrate a typical feeding time and evening playtime.
He can't sit up on his own yet, but he likes standing with our help.


Hope said...

You guys are so awesome! I have loved your attitudes and strength. (It doesn't hurt that I'm a molecular biology major and get most of your science humor). LOL What always stands out on your blog is the videos of Mikan and the music in the backround - since his first day home (I think). He's always being played with, dancing, etc... So sweet! I still can't get over how much progress he's made. It sounds like he's going to be ventless soon.

I really am sorry about his G-tube problems. I wish they'd see him sooner. He's got enough to deal with without that pain too. Poor little guy.

As always, you three are in my thoughts and prayers. Ava sends her love to Mikan:)

Marissa said...

Hey guys, I was wondering why I hadn't had an update from you for a while. I thought I was a follower of your blog, turns out I wasn't. I am now, so I read up on what I missed.

I am sorry to hear that Mikan's g-tube issues continue. That has got to be so difficult.

It is great to see him eating and dancing and to hear about him being off the vent... awesome.

Have a great weekend!


Marissa said...

Oh, and I laughed out loud at the saline bullet behind the ear. Let's just pray he doesn't find out that some people do that with cigarettes too!

Too funny!