Saturday, February 21, 2009


Mikan's nutritionist visited yesterday. Last month he was gaining 17g a day. This month he gained 6g a day. She was a little worried about this drop and wanted to increase his formula to 24cal Neosure. We are waiting for our pediatrician's approval. He also isn't getting the average fluid amount he needs per day. Because he is fluid restricted, we aren't supposed to do any extra flushes of his g-tube. The nutritionist is going to talk to our doctor next week to discuss all of her concerns. Since Mikan is working harder to breath of the vent, we assumed this dip would be coming. Hopefully his transition to higher calories will be smooth. He hasn't had a formula calorie change since he came home from the NICU.

Mikan now has 2 bottom teeth. He is drooling and biting on everything.

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Rachel Marini said...

Mikan looks so adorable! I love that picture of you holding him, Jenna. He looks more like Gabe with his chubby cheeks (I can appreciate and love them b/c my son has them too! I generally hate when people comment on Gabe's cheeks, do you??) He is too precious. Hope the feeding issue works out. We find it is SO difficult balancing enough fluid/too much fluid with Gabe...
Happy Saturday :)
Love, Rachel