Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mikan Tough

Mikan had his ladies come over on Saturday. Cousin Maria, Maggie and Aunt Nikole stopped by and he was able to make them do whatever he wanted them to do. I was impressed.

Mikan wanted to reiterate his toughness today. His body language said the following...
-What's another surgery?
-Who needs a furnace?
-He started to tell a story about how when he was in the PICU there was Spinal Tap being done to the patient next to him.
-He made a comment about being able to eat without swallowing.
There were other comments made throughout the day, but Jenna tired to show him up by showing Mikan her C-section scar. Then Mikan took off his shirt, rolled over, and showed Jenna his PDA ligation surgery scar. Jenna then covered her scar and felt bad even trying to challenge Mikan's toughness. I tried to join in on the toughness debate but was quickly ignored.

Final Family Toughness Ratings: Mikan 9.4 Jenna 8.9 John 5.5 (as determined by Jenna).

Mikan does not score a perfect ten because he had his first stranger danger episode last week with one of the therapists.


Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

After hearing about the time John passed out when Jenna was in the hospital when they were first married (not Mikan related), Mike thought 5.5 might be a little high for John. He was thinking more like a 2.9. I also remember John passing out when he saw the needle mom was going to give him with his hep. B. vaccine during college. But I told Mike that John had made progress in this area since Mikan had been born. 5.5, that sounds good Jenna.
Anyone else remember Pre-Jenna pregnant/pre-Mikan, John related healthcare incidents? Seriously though John, you have come a long way. I'm proud of you.
Love, Nikole

awesome aunt annette said...

I remember in middle school, John volunteering at McCray Hospital and passing out. He was in the ER stocking linens, I think he saw blood or maybe puke. But, he had to spend the rest of the summer in the cafeteria, helping serve food.
And giving blood was a huge fear, but he did give some to possible help Mikan. I was impressed. Way to go Johnny.

Tina said...

Hi there I was reading about all the issues Mikan is having with his G-tube site and I was wondering if you have tried using Maalox or Mylanta directly around his g-tube site? I'm not sure exactly how bad his site is (it sounds pretty bad) but that's something they told us to do in the Hospital. Especially if his tube is leaking stomach contents onto his skin, the Mylanta might help with the irritation the stomach acid causes. Just a thought! Hope it helps (you can always check first with the doc and see what they think!)

John Gensic said...

Interesting idea. We haven't thought of that, but we are willing to try anything at this point. Thanks for the tip.