Friday, February 20, 2009

The Locks Stay

Let me first announce that Mikan still has his beautiful hair. I would have freaked if John cut it while I was gone. I'm not sure what stopped him (thinking twice about how I would have reacted, or the comments others posted -thank you!-), but Mikan has maintained his movie star locks. I'm not sure when he'll get an official first haircut.

Last week we spent some time at an NICU parent panel. We saw Nurse Diane, Nurse Sally, and Nurse Heather. It was nice to see Mikan's lady friends.

I spent the last 2 days in Chicago getting trained in shared inquiry discussion to prepare to teach a Great Books class at my school. The weather was bitter, but the conference was meaningful. I had a good time. Wed. night was the first night John had to watch Mikan alone. And guess what had to happen? Mikan's g-tube balloon burst overnight, and when Mikan woke up at 6 a.m. the next morning, he opened his eyes, looked at John, then yanked his g-tube button out of his stomach. John pushed it back in and called me for assistance. I convinced John to change it to the back-up tube and NOT hold it in for an hour until the nurse came. John also had to change Mikan's trach on Wed. He did a wonderful job taking over mom duties while I was away.

This morning we realized Mikan's hot pot had been malfunctioning all night and he never received any humidity. None of the alarms were working properly either. That's not too comforting. Anyway, an RT from Memorial came out to our house today to fix it.

We had another school cancellation today. Not for snow, but because someone vandalized our buses! Slashed tires, cut brake lines, etc. Unbelievable.

Progress Report: Mikan took a nap today for the first time off of his vent!


awesome aunt annette said...

Uncle John,

I cannot believe you could not buzz my cousin's hair but you had no problem buzzing mine. Your a chicken!!!


Marissa said...

So glad Mikan didn't get the buzz treatment. I was sad for you Jenna, and for Mikan's gorgeous hair. Whew!!

Awesome about the ventless nap!