Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Haircut

This blog started on February 18th of 2008, when Jenna's (or shall we say Mikan's) water broke. On Tuesday night, we were a part of the NICU's parent panel where we gave the NICU feedback and voiced some of our concerns. This event was exactly one year after Jenna's water broke. So it felt weird driving to the hospital, at night, in the cold, in the dark. We are certainly thankful to be driving under much less stressful conditions this year.

Since Jenna is in Chicago for a two day conference and I have a snowday, I was thinking about giving Mikan his first buzz cut this afternoon. I think Jenna would be grateful that I took care of this chore without her knowing or being here. I'll video tape everything along with Jenna's surprised look when she comes home. I expect many thanks from her when she gets back tonight. Stay tuned.


Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

Uhhh, I wouldn't.
Wait John and let her be part of the moment.

Marissa said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!

A buzz cut, huh? But he has such a full head of gorgeous hair!! Well, ok, he's your son!! :)

Happy buzzing!


Hope said...

oh no! You buzzed Mikan's gorgeous hair?!?! The same adorable hair that was in a surgi-gel mohawk not so very long ago? With Jenna not there... are a brave, brave man. (Um, did you know that a lot of Moms grow very attached to their baby's hair)

He'll still be adorable:)