Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Thumb Sucker?

This video was captured during Mikan's first ever rhythmic sucking of his thumb. As you can see, he is pretty focused on getting it right. Lately Mikan will stick just about anything in his mouth except food.

Mikan is still doing well with his trials off the vent. He needs to be suctioned more frequently after he is off, but he has been able to keep his sats up well. He doesn't need extra 02 anymore. We just keep it at our house as a back up and use it sometimes when he is in a deep sleep.

For the most part feedings are still terrible, but he does take a few tastes by spoon at each feeding. Also, a few days ago we tried a Dr. Brown's bottle for the first time and he sucked down 70ccs! We've only been trying the bottle at night because it stresses him out too much to do all the time. During the day we focus on the baby foods.

Another milestone: Mikan is sleeping through the night without any extra food! We increased his feedings recently so we could skip another middle of the night feeding that I had been setting my alarm for. He has been doing well sleeping from 9pm-7am. He still needs suctioned every once in awhile, but we are finally getting some consecutive hours of sleep!

Next week Mikan sees the pulmonologist, ostomy nurse, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and nutritionist. Thank God I'm only working part-time right now. How are we supposed to juggle these appointments? I switched from working Mondays and Tuesdays to working every other day (MWF one week and then TR the next). I am excited about the change, and we now have competent nursing that we trust, which makes the transition easier.

Thanks to everyone for reading! Keep praying Mikan stays healthy!

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