Friday, January 2, 2009

G-tube Problem Not Completely Solved Yet

Thanks for the g-tube advice to those who posted. We had to stop using the drainage sponges because we couldn't change them fast enough for his drainage. His NICU doctor recommended we let it air dry and that seems to work the best. His site looks much better, but because it hasn't healed yet we are still going to see a stoma specialist at the hospital. However, she wasn't available for another week, so we were happy the site has appeared to stop bothering him as much as it did four days ago. It has also stopped bleeding, it's more of a seeping now. Right now we use bacitracin and no sponge. However, I tape gauze inside his clothing so he doesn't get blood and gastric juices on them. So we have an appointment to see the stoma specialist immediately after our pulmonologist appointment on the 13th. Over the phone she said she would most likely recommend a barrier cream.

Mikan is doing great with all of his trials off the ventilator so far! He still hasn't really tolerated his Passy Muir while he's off the vent though, so we've avoided using it that often during those times. Instead it throws him into violent coughing fits where he turns red and gags. It's kind of an ugly sound, like he's getting an exorcism performed on him or something. But it's better than turning blue.

The video I couldn't resist posting. Mikan likes to cover his face with blankets when he falls asleep and he totally did this creation himself. I thought it was hilarious. Maybe it's just a mom thing.


Marissa said...

Totally cute video. I love how he just wraps himself up. What a sweet boy.

I am glad to hear his stoma is not as bad as it was. That looked very painful. Marissa has never had any trouble with her g-tube stoma (knock on wood). Hopefully Mikan's will continue to improve before he gets seen for it. That's a long time to wait!


Hope said...

I'm so glad his stoma is looking better, poor little guy. He is so freakin cute.