Friday, January 23, 2009

Mikan and his G-tube

On Wed. of this week we visited the ENT who looked at Mikan's granuloma on his trach. Unfortunately, it is "too mature" and "looks more like scar tissue," meaning silver nitrate didn't work to get rid of it, and he will probably eventually need it surgically removed. Right now we are just supposed to watch it. If it gets big enough to interfere with putting in the trach, then it needs to be removed, otherwise she will wait until he gets a bronch scope done in the spring because he will be under anesthesia already for that.

We were grateful that after trying the silver nitrate on the trach site, the ENT "accidentally dropped some" on the granulation tissue around his g-tube. We are still waiting to see if that is working. Today he started getting more redness around the site that appeared to be spreading on one side of his stomach. So we called the doctor who was concerned he may have some sort of staff infection. Now we are supposed to give Mikan Augmentin twice a day to heal it up. We are hoping that the antibiotic in addition to the silver nitrate sticks will solve the g-tube catastrophe. He's had the g-tube for 5 months now (and it's never looked good), a little too long to be dealing with these constant problems if you ask me.

Meanwhile, Mikan was sick all week. He had a lot of lung secretions, keeping me up every hour at night with constant suctioning and coughing. We didn't put him on antiobiotics though because his 02 didn't go above 1/4 liter, and he seemed in good spirits. He appears to be improving finally.

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Hope said...

What an ordeal. I hope his g-tube issues get resolved and stay that way. You have enough to worry about and he's been through too much. I also hope he gets better super fast. I don't know what to say other than what I've already said - You both are doing such an amazing job and he gets his strength from his awesome parents!

Have a great weekend!