Tuesday, January 27, 2009

G-Tube G-Tube G-Tube G-Tube G-Tube G-Tube G-Tube G-Tube G-Tube G-Tube G-Tube G-Tube...

Mikan's g-tube isn't healing. We are applying silver nitrate every three days, he's on Augmentin once a day, and we're applying every cream, vasoline, and barrier coat known to man. His pediatrician's nurse told us today to try inflating the balloon with a couple more ccs of water. Right now it's at 5, we're increasing it to 7 to see if that makes a difference. His pediatrician is referring him to a doctor at Riley that specializes in g-tube wounds. I think this is 3-3 1/2 hours away from where we live. We are hoping that inflating the balloon more will just solve the problem, however, we know it's doubtful. We were so grateful that we had avoided needing to take him down to Indy for nearly every other health issue he has faced since birth. It's a little disappointing to think that we may have to make the trek for the g-tube. But we know there are plenty of other families who make these sorts of trips regularly for their kids, so we know we are still lucky.

On the positive side, Mikan is feeling much better from his respiratory flare-up. He is back to room air all day (and all of last night!) and he is off of the vent for most of his waking hours. We usually give him a break during his awake time in the evening. But he does beautifully. He's getting so much better at grabbing toys and wanting to roll over; however, with his g-tube tenderness, he still isn't getting much belly time.

Today he was weighed for his Synagis vaccine and a nutritionist visit earlier this week. He's between 17 2 and 17 7. John and Mikan still kangaroo together. It usually calms him down after a Synagis shot or a fussy trach care. They like taking their shirts off together and flexing before they cuddle.


Rachel Marini said...

Sorry you're still having so much trouble with the g-tube!! I meant to write in response to an earlier post when you first mentioned the trouble you were having. Gabe just recently had a granuloma around his trach site and the ENT doc applied Silver Nitrate. Within 2 days it was so much better...I don't know what the answer is for you guys about the g-tube (I'm certainly no doctor!) So the docs don't recommend a barrier around the g-tube to prevent irritation? I know everyone does things differently but I always like putting a gauze around Gabe's g-tube to prevent irritation on his skin. I truly hope you guys get the solution and his g-tube woes are gone.
Rachel and Gabe

John Gensic said...

Thanks for the suggestions. The silver nitrate appears to be shrinking the granulation tissue around his g-tube, but the gastric leaking still occurs. We are using barrier creams right now and are hoping for the best. Thanks for the support.