Friday, January 16, 2009

A Day Without the Circuit...Almost!

Today Mikan spent nearly all of his waking hours off of the ventilator! He kept his sats up; however, with his Passy on, I think he learned how to cry and fuss so now he experiments with fussing not because he's upset, but because that is one of the new sounds he knows how to make and can now hear. We had another day off work because of the weather, so we spent most of the day working with Mikan off the vent with nurse Bev.

He's getting stronger and bigger each day. Earlier this week we visited the NICU and saw some of his favorite doctors, nurses, RTs, and therapists. One of the first comments made when they saw him was "He looks like a toddler!" With the exception of the toddling, he is on his way to toddlerhood I suppose.

Although we're pretty sure he's fighting some tracheitis due to increased secretions and coughing, we haven't had to medicate him this week or give him any extra 02, so kudos to Mikan's strengthening immune system.


Hope said...

He's doing so good! I can't believe this is the same baby I was reading about months ago with the itty-bitty surgi-gel mohawk. He's a fighter. And he just gets cuter and cuter.

Marissa said...

Wow, all day, wow!! Great job Mikan!

Marissa has been tolerating the PMV all day for almost a year now and she still experiments with her voice and noises. She has recently started making noises like a whining puppy. Too funny!

I'm so glad to see he is doing so well. I'll pray he gets over his tracheitis quickly.