Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mikan's off the vent!...kind of

We've started experimenting with taking Mikan off the ventilator for 15 minutes at a time. He has been tolerating it wonderfully! If feels weird and wonderful at the same time to be able to carry my child more than three paces without having to worry about getting tangled in white and blue tubing. We do have to carry his oximeter around with us, but I will gladly do that. We haven't used any 02 off the vent either, he has been doing it all on his own!

On the downside, Mikan woke up this morning with an extremely irritated g-tube stoma. It was raw and bleeding and it has been causing him a lot of pain all day (hence the crabiness in his "off the vent video") After calling several doctors today, he was referred to a stoma specialist; however, no one will be in their office till friday, so we have to wait it out. Right now Mikan is surviving on Tylenol, and we are just trying to watch it and hope it improves. It's a mess. Does anyone have any ideas of things to try as an intermediate step?

Feedings have been going a little better. We are avoiding the bottle completely and just going back to the spoon. He takes several bites, just at his own pace. We tried telling him that if he took all his food by mouth, we wouldn't have to mess with the g-tube, and then he wouldn't be in pain as often. So far he hasn't really listened. But we've learned by now that it's Mikan's pace, not ours.


Ann said...

Hi- see if you can get one of Mikan's doctors to call in a prescription for silver nitrate sticks. You can use those on the granulation tissue (the red, raised area)to "dissolve" it. The silver nitrate sort of burns the granulation tissue off (it's not painful to the granulation tissue - however, if you accidentally touch the healthy skin, it can hurt a bit).


Rachel Marini said...

Hi, So glad to see Mikan off the vent!! Gabe's g-tube stoma sometimes gets irritated and we use Bacitracin around the site and stick a 2x2 gauze around it to protect it from irritation. It takes a day, sometimes two, but usually resolves. Some nurses have tried diaper cream but I haven't seen it work too consistently. Hope it heals soon! That must be so painful :(