Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas! Thankful List

1.) Mikan Boy-Obviously
2.) Grace-Not a person, but like snow
3.) Patience-This could have been a long year, but it wasn't
4.) Visitors-Helping bring the world to Mikan, before he is able to go attack it
5.) Health Insurance-I could list the numbers, we'll just say our out of pocket maximum was roughly 0.34% of the NICU and PICU bill. (not including surgeries and home care)
6.) Help-Nice floor in the living room and wood in the shed.
7.) Competent Nursing, Doctors, and Therapists-hospital and home.
8.) Blog commenters-it's nice to feel connected.
9.) Good Jobs-supportive coworkers and administrators.
10.) Students?-depends on the day
11.) Silence Buttons on Alarm.
12.) Successful bagging Mikan at the NICU.
13.) Dr. P's small hands for the C-section.
14.) Dr. B's big picture thinking, and continued commitment to Mikan's health
15.) Primary Care Nursing-Thank you NICU
16.) Ronald McDonald House-let's dispel a common misconception: They don't push hamburgers or fries.

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