Friday, December 12, 2008

Different positions Mikan falls asleep in; Mikan with Grandma; trying to get some Christmas pics

After another successful week, Mikan's pediatrician has weaned his pressures more. He is now on a pressure support and control of 8 and a peep of 6. We are supposed to call back on Wed. to give her an update and hopefully CPAP will be in the near future.

Mikan has had some increased thick secretions lately which is usually a sign that he is fighting a flare up of pseudomonis; however, we have been able to leave him unmedicated the last few times and he has recovered, so hopefully we can do the same this time. He doesn't act sick, we just need to suction him more frequently.

Feedings are still terrible, worse if possible. But we are hoping that the new speech therapist he will be seeing will help with this over time. In the meantime, the G-tube is our savior.

Mikan loves his passy muir valve. He tolerates it wonderfully so we use it 3-4 times a day. He babbles incessantly when it's on. We are also experimenting with having it on while he eats so that he can taste his food better; however, he prefers to talk usually so eating becomes more difficult when he can't decide to swallow or make noise.

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Lindsey Corbin said...

I love the hat!!! Is he ready to go golfing???? :) So glad you are all doing well and that he is making progress.