Thursday, November 20, 2008

Milestone Day

This afternoon, while out getting a new set of blood gasses, on two different occasions while we were beginning to transport Mikan and his equipment, we noticed that his 02 tubing had been unhooked from the vent for an uncertain amount of time. We didn't notice because he wasn't desatting. So, when we got home, we decided to unhook his 02 and see how long he could make it before he started desatting. It's still unplugged (5 hours later). I thought he might need it when he napped, but he kept his sats up even then. Maybe Mikan yanked it out as his way of saying he needed to be weaned. So, hopefully he won't need 02 too much longer, maybe only when he sleeps. It is something we'll discuss with the doctor next week.

Wednesday a nutrition specialist from First Steps came out to weigh Mikan and give us tips on his transition to solid foods. Mikan now weighs 15lbs 4oz. He is in the 21% for weight, but not even on the charts for length (all according to his adjusted age of 5 1/2 months). The woman told us that once he was eating 2 ounces of baby food 3 times a day pretty regularly we could start talking about decreasing his formula nutrition. We want his diet to support the extra nutrition his body needs while being weaned from the ventilator. Right now he is eating between 2-3 ounces of baby food a day.

Because of good blood gasses from last week, Mikan's pediatrician weaned his vent pressures again from 22 to 20. So we had to go back to the South Bend Med. Foundation again today to get another round. This time the pediatrician said he was allowed capillary gasses; however, the South Bend Med. Foundation didn't have the equipment for those kind of gasses, so we were sent to St. Joe Hospital instead. Carting Mikan around South Bend all morning wasn't exactly what I had planned on doing, but he ended up with great blood gasses, and the doctor didn't have to find a vein, so I guess it was worth it.

Check out the pictures. Are his steroid cheeks getting any smaller?


Angela Saoud said...

That's great news! Go Mikan!

And yes, his cheeks ARE getting smaller -- although he looks pretty angry about that sweet hairdo. Enjoy your day off!

Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

I'm not sure who braided your hair, you mom or dad, I'm going to guess your mom. Your Uncle Mike says that she shouldn't do it again because you're a MAN and we don't want your dad to get the complex Uncle Mike did about Jack.
They know what we are talking about, your mom wrote a book about it almost a year ago. It was very funny too. She's a good writer.
Anyway, you are looking adorable, keep up the good work growing cuter and stronger every day!