Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mikan's First Thanksgiving

Above: Mikan eating with attitude; contemplating the next move at the Risk game with Uncle Ben; just being cute

After another set of good blood gases last week (PCO2 of 45), Mikan's pediatrician weaned his vent pressures by 4 each. Now he is at a pressure support and control of 16. He is still doing well and not needing oxygen while he is awake. He isn't eating so well though. He hasn't taken anything by spoon for about a week, but we can't expect immediate progress with everything. We are having issues with keeping the biox (blood oxygen saturation) monitor that he uses all the time to measure the 02 in his blood. The probes that he wears on his feet keep shorting out. These are really expensive so I don't think our equipment agency is happy with us. Oh well. Mikan just moves around too much now, it's hard to keep them on. But this doesn't explain why they keep breaking. We are tempted to not even use them except when he's sleeping. This week Mikan also received another dose of Synagis to prevent RSV (2 shots, but he handled it like a champ).

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving together just the three of us (we had some family that ended up getting sick, so they couldn't visit). No turkey, but we made steak and salad while trying to get Mikan to eat pears...unsuccessfully. John is spending the night with the crazies at WalMart tonight to purchase a Black Friday DVD camera for cheap so that we can keep videotaping Mikan's progress with something higher quality than our digital camera.

Last week Mikan had increased secretions and a small cough; however, he seems to be back to his baseline and we didn't need to medicate him. His immune system is improving everyday!

Next week we have a speech therapist coming to work with a Passy Muir valve so that Mikan can make noises, we also have an appointment with the pediatrician.

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