Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekly Update

Mikan is officially on Medicaid now, but we still haven't gotten nursing hours approved. Hopefully this week things will finally get squared away. He still hasn't received his Synagis vaccine. Mikan is more active with his hands now. He rubs his eyes when he wants to sleep. Actually, sometimes he'll rub his eyes to make you think that he wants to sleep, just so you'll leave him alone so he can play uninterrupted.

Two issues resolved this week: One, a yeast infection around his trachea is being treated with some ointment. Two, he had a granuloma (ball of tissue around the opening for the trach) cauterized (with silver nitrate AgNO3). NO3 is a polyatomic ion.

We have started using our wood burning stove and Jenna really likes the heat. I like the heat also because Mikan doesn't need to where onesies. It is getting near freezing at night and we haven't used the furnace yet, so deal with it NIPSCO.

Mikan has a therapist coming every Wendesday to help with his feedings.

His eye doctor said that he has a small astigmatism in his right eye and that he may be nearsighted. I think we can teach him to correct these on his own.

Jenna and I are sharing our Mikan story at March of Dimes and Ronald McDonald House fundraisers. The March of Dimes one we get to talk in front of the big group. The Ronald McDonald one we were recorded for on Thursday. So these are our date nights for November.

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Hope said...

I love the videos, He's such a little stud muffin. Already a rock star! I can't believe you are still having nursing issues for him. (And don't even get me started on insurance companies)

You both are doing such an amazing job with him.