Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our private insurance is not going to cover nursing hours after this Friday. However, Mikan qualifies for Medicaid. Therefore at some point in the future, we will once again have funds for home nursing. Our pediatrician wrote that the nursing was mainly for "Mom and Dad to rest and work." According to Anthem, this was not a good enough reason to continue coverage of home nursing. Anthem also does not recognize the importance of receiving the second Synagis shot 28-30 after the first dose. On the Synagis website "One Synagis shot protects your baby for about 28-30 days, so delaying or skipping a shot may leave your baby unprotected." Mikan got his first Synagis shot in late August at the hospital (paid for by Anthem). He has not received his second Synagis shot because insurance will not cover a September shot at home. Anthem claims RSV season starts in late October when you are at home but in late August if you are at the hospital.
Our Medicaid application is now in Indianapolis. We really wish our private insurance would be covering this and not Medicaid. It appears as though our policy through Anthem pushes one of us out of work. While home nursing with our current agency has been much more reliable, I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving him with someone everyday of the week.
Mikan is getting better at reaching out and swatting at things. His motion is kind of random but he is able to grip things every once and awhile.
We are appealing the Anthem decision. Jenna is on the phone too much trying to get things resolved.

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Aunt Deb said...

Qualifying for Medicaid is wonderful news! All my foster babies were on it and they absolutely received Synagist and First Steps came to the house, Apria delivered O2 etc. It is much cheaper to give the Synagist than the cost of a hospital stay for RSV. It is a shame that you spend so much time trying to make things happen, it shouldn't be so hard.