Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jeff, Rhonda, and Erin came to visit this week. Rhonda and Erin are coming to babysit Mikan on parent-teacher conference night.

Saturday Mark, Bob, Jan, Beth, and Bobby came to visit us. Much thanks for all the wonderful food and gifts they brought! The weather was gorgeous so we took Bobby and Mikan on a walk to the park. We were also able to take Mikan out again today. We're trying to take advantage of the weather while we can.

Mikan is now only taking .1 mg of steroids every other day. So far he has been tolerating everything ok. He still has a lot of yellow drainage from his trach, but the odor has lessened and he seems to be acting fine. We have avoided medicating him until we hear the results of his tracheal aspirate. Clinically, he is acting the same, so we aren't worried yet.

Hopefully this week we will have a lot more answers regarding our future nursing situation. Right now Nina is coming to watch Mikan Mon/Tues and we are hoping to have nursing continue after that.

We have a busy week:
TUESDAY: John has an interview with someone from March of Dimes about a speech he will be giving in November.
WEDNESDAY: Mikan's first visit from a first steps therapist, then we also have a meeting with a representative for an agency that sells alternative medicines (glyconutrients)
THURSDAY: John and I are going to the Ronald McDonald house to speak in a video for the fundraising dinner in November.
FRIDAY: Mikan's first eye doctor appointment since he has been home.

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