Friday, October 10, 2008

Consistency soon to follow

Mikan finally got approved for Medicaid today! After an exhausting week of calling tons of people and nagging others to fax time sensitive paperwork, we will hopefully only have a gap of 2 days between what our private insurance covers and when Medicaid begins to pay for nursing. We have no idea how many hours a day/week Mikan will qualify for, but we have been told that once we establish a schedule, we will be able to keep it for at least one year. It will be nice to finally have some consistency.

Mikan got a tracheal aspirate today because he's been having some yellowish discharge from his trach. We don't know the results yet. He hasn't been acting sick, so we have avoided loading him up with antibiotics and are just watching him carefully. Hopefully his immune system is strong enough to fight off some infections on his own.

Apart from being a little sleep deprived (but what new parents aren't?), our family is doing well. Next week we have a speech therapist/occupational therapist coming to our house to help with Mikan's feedings.

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The Lapp Family said...

Keeping all of you continually in my thoughts and prayers. Persistence pays off when dealing with insurances. Thank you God for giving you the ability to strive for the best care for Mikan and not just succumb to the insurance's lack of understanding. Slow steady steps and Mikan is showing continual amazing growth and improvement. What a beautiful little boy you have.
Love and God's Blessings,
Juli Lapp