Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another successful week

Mikan's first experience in an excersaucer.

Mikan has been doing well on his lower pressures and steroids and 02. He is now on 1/2 liter flow day and night and his steroid dose is .12 daily. Over the week we had several visitors including Great Grandma Harbor, Grandma and Grandpa Gensic, Uncle Steve and Aunt Jo, Aunt Annette, and Cousin JT.

After an extremely frustrating week on the phone and downtown we finally think we have Mikan set up to be on Medicaid; however, we don't know when he will officially be approved; therefore, we are unsure of how long we will have nursing. Right now our private insurance stops paying on Oct 10th unless we qualify for an extension to Nov. 10th that we have already applied for. We will hopefully hear soon about whether or not we received the extension. But once Mikan gets on Medicaid, we will have some kind of nursing for 1 year, which would be a big relief.

We are starting Mikan on a few solids, including thicker rice cereal and green beans. He isn't completely adverse to the feedings, but I wouldn't say he is eating anything substantial yet. We've only been trying once a day since feeding is usually such a stressful time for him.

Because our insurance has been slow in approving another Synagis dose, Mikan's first one has now expired, so it is extremely important that he isn't exposed to any cold virus. We are expecting a nurse to come to our home once a month to give him the vaccine, we just don't know when.

We still haven't had any therapists from First Steps visit yet, right now their schedules are pretty packed, so we just have to wait it out.

Thanks to everyone for your continued prayer support!

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