Friday, September 5, 2008


So Sunday discharge is not happening. Memorial is still looking for nurses to staff the cases that our nurses will be pulled from. We are hopeful for Wednesday of next week. That is the new date we have been given. I (Jenna) am feeling much better today after my freak eye incident yesterday. Both John and I stayed away from the hospital today in an effort to keep Mikan as healthy as possible. I will hopefully be feeling better enough tomorrow to go relieve Grandma Gensic from Mikan's bedside.

Apparently Mikan had a decent day. He finished off a round of antibiotics he was receiving for an organism growing in his trach, and he will get another round of immunizations tomorrow. We are requesting he just receive one at a time and that they are spaced out because of the bad reactions he's had in the past. Today is the first day that neither John nor I have seen Mikan since he's been born. The nurses assured us he was being taken care of...

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