Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some pics from the hospital

Mikan has been pretty fussy lately. He wants to be held a lot and hates lying on his back. We have been trying to get him to play on his back so he'll learn to roll over. I think that's a long time coming with his circuit in the way. His feedings are still terrible. We can barely get him to eat anything on his own. No one seems to know why they have deteriorated so much, but the general consensus is that he will grow out of it and eat eventually. Until then, we will practice with him and make use of the G-tube.

Below is some Daddy Mikan time and Mikan's first vegetable. You can decide whether he liked it or not.


bgensic said...

Good to see you teaching him some dance moves early. Now all you have to do it teach him incorrect lyrics to go with the dance..."Hold me closer Tony Danza."

Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

I'm sorry Mikan, but I don't think you have the genes to win American Idol. The dancing...maybe. We will see at Matt and Stacie's reception next year. But, you sure are cute. Maybe you inherited that from your Aunt Nikole.