Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So Close!

Tomorrow morning we are going to be discharged from the hospital...finally. We finally have enough nursing that the doctor is comfortable with discharging us. We have nursing for Monday-Friday day shifts right now. This is definitely enough to get us through a transition home.

Last week Mary Anne and Angela came to visit Mikan after they worked their first shifts volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house. One of Mary Anne's students, Sarah B. brought Mikan a hat to the hospital. Thanks Sarah! Thank you Ronald McDonald volunteers for everything! That is one thing we will miss about the hospital, good free food, nice volunteers, a warm place to sleep, and free laundry :).

Mikan had a vaccination today and we are in the process of lining up several doctors appointments for the upcoming weeks after leaving the hospital.

Hopefully Mikan will be able to watch the ND Michigan game on our living room TV this weekend. We got rid of some old furniture and ordered new stuff for Mikan (to help out his respiratory status);however, the furniture hasn't arrived yet, so our living room is pretty empty. Hopefully this will help prevent him from getting sick soon.

Once again we welcome visitors who are healthy. We look forward to trying to get back into a normal home routine. Living at the hospital is getting kind of old.


Life in the Bend said...

Wahoo! Good luck tomorrow!

Lindsey Corbin said...

Thats great news!! Good luck with everything, I still think of you all often and love seeing updates :)

Hope said...

That's great news. I'm so happy he gets to go home with his family, where he belongs!