Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A nurse from Memorial Home Nursing came to visit Mikan at the hospital today. She said she was hoping to cover Mon, Wed, and Fri day shift for us as long as she was taken off of one of her other cases. She stayed from 7-3 today with us at the hospital and worked really well with Mikan. She's taken care of several small children on ventilators with trachs, so it sounds like she is a good match for us. There is another nurse coming to meet him tomorrow and another on friday. We are hopeful that discharge will be this Sunday; however, we still haven't seen an official nursing schedule, and the doctor hasn't technically approved discharge yet.

Mikan had a decent day. A speech therapist came to watch him eat and she suggested we try a different nipple. She thought he may have been having a nipple aversion to those used in the PICU. We got some nipples from the NICU and he did eat better in the afternoon; however, it's too early to tell if that really was the root cause of a lot of his eating issues.

His NICU nursing favorites came to visit today with his favorite NICU doctor. Mikan misses the NICU I think. PICU just isn't the same...too many older kids. He doesn't intimidate the other patients like I think he did downstairs.


Hope said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things are finally starting to fall into place for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Good news! Glad things are going better. Has anyone there offered up the Haberman feeding system (Medela)? It was developed for babies with cleft palates (by a mom of one--and why I have had experience with it) and is great for babies with weak suck/swallow, heart problems, etc. They don't always have a lot of experience with it, but it IS available--the hospital should have some! I used to do in-services to train nursing staffs about it!