Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Night

Currently, Mikan is sleeping calmly on his back, Jenna is at her night class, and Grandma Kartje is shopping. I am watching Mikan at home alone. Mikan certainly prefers his afternoons and evenings (according to what other people tell me). When I am around in the morning he seems to have good mornings. I think it may be that he is used to having his dad around in the afternoons and evenings. Alternatively, he may have inherited his Aunt Annette's mornings along with her voluptuous cheeks. Who knows.

Mikan is beginning to have Connor McCoy'ish baby desires. At certain times, Mikan can only be calmed by laying face down on one of our knees. At other times, he needs to be held and danced with to appease him. Jenna calls it high maintenance.

Mikan ate 36 mL or cm^3 tonight for dinner before we g-tubed the rest of his feeding. This is an improvement. Aunt Nikole showed Mikan how to take 30 mL for the first time in awhile on Saturday evening. In addition to Aunt Nikole, Mikan received visits from Grandma and Grandpa Gensic on Saturday for dinner and the ND vs. Michigan game. Last night, Grandma Kartje came over to watch him through the night so that Jenna and I could rest before school on Monday. However, we got a call at about 8:45 last night informing us about NPUSC's 2-hour delay because of flooding. Gotta love rural Indiana. Grandpa Kartje and Jenna's Aunt Debbie stopped by for short visits today.

Mikan appears to be getting bigger, stronger, and faster. He often squeaks around the trach showing growth. He also has de-chunked in his cheeks, or chunked up everywhere else.

One way to make Mikan happy is to hold him face down and then loosen his diaper to give him some fresh air down there. When we do this, we are amazed at how small his hips are compared to his belly. Someday we think his body will re-proportion itself.

Finally, in order to get Mikan to drink a little more tonight I whisper to him "I heard JT (my sister Annette's 35 lb. 8 month old baby) drank 8 ounces and cried because he wanted more." This seemed to light a fire in Mikan as he ate his 36 cc's (a little over 1 ounce). Not much in comparison, I saw the look of a competitor in his eyes.

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awesome aunt annette said...

For the record, JT is 25ish pounds, 7 1/2 months old.