Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mikan likes home.

This morning we had a little scare. When I picked Mikan up out of his crib, his G-tube extension, which was still on from the night, got caught in his crib and it ripped out of his stomach. I quickly and calmly deflated the balloon, inserted the button, and reinflated teh tube. It was rather disgusting looking though. His sight is still seeping, and the balloon should not have slipped out that easily. His home nurse thinks it may be infected. And the balloon was inflated properly, so we don't know how it could have come out. Anyway, he sees a doctor tomorrow about his G-tube sight, so hopefully we can get some answers.

In the afternoon, his trach ended up getting slightly off-centered and the end closed up enough to make him turn a little blue, but we fixed it before he passed out and we didn't have to bag him. Oh the excitements of life at home.

Today we went to the Newborn Follow-up clinic at Memorial. Mikan saw an occupational and speech therapist. Then we came home and First Steps came and assigned him to an occupational/speech therapist that he will see once a week. He goes back to the Newborn Follow-up clinic again in 6 months. His evaluation showed that he was behind in weight, length, and fine and gross motor for his adjusted age. All of this was expected. The fact that he is making small progress now is good and he will hopefully progress rapidly once his respiratory status improves. A few days ago his two hands found each other. Now his favorite trick is holding them together. Right now he is wrestling with John on the floor, well, kind of, as much as you can wrestle with a ventilator-dependent infant. But he's also singing Brian Adams to him. So whatever manly activities John is trying to introduce him to are surely canceled out with "Please Forgive Me."

We also have new furniture! Helping keep Mikan's respiratory status stable!

Tomorrow: 2 doctor's appointments, his pediatrician and the surgeon who performed his G-tube, Nissen, and hernia surgeries.

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Hope said...

You two have your hands full. You are doing such a great job with Mikan. He's so adorable, btw. He'll catch up. He's been through so very much. He deserves to go by his own timeline.