Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Mikan and Maurice Crumm. Mikan gave him some pointers for the upcoming season.

Mikan has been moved back to his own room at the hospital. This is nice because now we have a TV and we are a little more isolated from all the other action in the PICU. However, he is far away from the nurses' station. Although he is hooked up to a central monitor, the trach prevents the nurses from hearing him cry...or maybe it could be the crazy teenager that just got admitted who curses at the nurses and needs to be restrained and sedated at frequent intervals. Consequently, we've been spending even more time at the hospital, if that is possible, in order to take care of everything Mikan needs. John wasn't feeling well today, so he spent the day at home, his first day away from Mikan since he's been born. Grandma Gensic is spending the night with Mikan at the hospital tonight.

Mikan is still doing pretty well. His feedings are still terrible, but his PT from NICU came and saw him today and said that he may do much better with solid foods. She says that often times babies that have difficulties eating from a bottle end up doing much better once they switch to solids.

The video below shows off some of Mikan's standing abilities. He's sporting his sexy hospital gown. Take note of the dirty look he gives the camera at the end. It's classic Mikan.

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awesome aunt annette said...

That is so cool watching him dance. He is getting so big, and is still super adorable.