Friday, August 1, 2008


After a day full of calls to our home nursing agency in addition to our insurance company and the accredidation company for the state, there is a tentative plan in place for the remainder of our nursing days. We are looking into possibly switching agencies or adding a second agency soon. This will probably depend on whether or not we are granted an extension through our insurance company.

Mikan had a great day. He stayed awake and happy most of the day. We had Betsy visit with Atticus and Nora and the Mikos stopped by as well. Earlier this week Nurse Dee from the NICU came and so did the McCoys and the Saouds and Coach Rek. We welcome visitors since it is difficult for us to get out much.

It's a good thing Mikan doesn't appear to be sick anymore, because the trach culture the doctor ordered 2 days ago through our nursing agency never was completed despite our follow up phone calls. I guess if we want our son to really be treated we have to pack him up and drag him to the doctor's office or the ER. Luckily he's a fighter and is testing out his own immune system.

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Faith said...

Hi there. I was referred to your blog b/c your story is a lot like ours! We also have a former preemie who is trach/vented (we also are teachers!) and we also have had MANY MANY home nursing issues!!! Does your state have a waiver program so you can get on Medicaid? I hope that it all gets straightened out soon!
Jen :)