Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's Sunday night and we are sitting with Mikan in the PICU. Tomorrow, we'll hopefully hear from a home nursing agency about their staffing possibilities. Mikan is currently on a 0.25 mL dose of steriods each day. His ventilator is still 12 per minute. However, he breathes more than the ventilator back up rate. His pressures are 35 cm of water on pressure control and 33 cm of water on pressure support.

Mikan does a good job of supporting his weight on his legs. While this is only around 11 pounds, he likes to bounce up and down when we hold him. We are trying to push the doctors to wean his support (steroids first and then ventilator second). But, our doctor changes each week because our pediatrician is part of a group of pediatricians who rotate weeks of visiting the hospital.

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Faith said...

Hang in there with all of the nursing drama. We know the drill with that one! It's not an easy road- 8 of the 14 months Faith was in the hospital we were waiting JUST on nursing! We only have it 2.5 days a week now- but that's better then nothing!
Glad the g-tube/nissen surgery went well- it's going to make your lives a lot easier (in a more complicated way!)