Friday, August 8, 2008

Today Grandma Gensic and Grandpa Kartje came to visit. Mikan was on his best behavior. He was very alert and playful. If you ever look at his eyes when you are at our house, you'll probably want to go right to our freezer and eat some blueberries. His eyes look very similiar to blueberries.

Tonight Jenna had her last summer session class. I tried to give Mikan a bath while I we were alone. The result, poop on my shirt. Really, though, his poop really doesn't smell that bad. Jenna has been busy the past week, therefore no pictures of said poop.

Once again, a night without a nurse. The nurse that canceled for tonight has been taken off of Mikan's case. This might have been the result of a conversation I had Anchor about this nurse. When our case supervisor called to tell us about the cancellation and also let us know about upcoming gaps in the schedule,

I asked her, "What should I be doing about this? As the father of a kid on a vent who qualifies for home nursing through insurance, but is not receiving the full benefit?"

She replied, "Well, we are looking for other nurses and when I go home at night I pray about your case."

"Okay, good night and thanks."

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Rachel Marini said...

Oh my goodness... i have heard the exact same words out of the owner of our first nursing agency.

I had to call around to find other agencies that could cover the shifts since the first one sucked.

I will tell you that even the second agency (who we are still with since 10/07) continues to have staffing problems.... for instance, no nurse all weekend this weekend.

It is so sad... such an injustice... that there are not nurses to take care of children who truly need them.