Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mikan was on an oxygen flow of zero liters per minute for about 3 minutes during his afternoon nap today. Therefore, Jenna and I did a little celebration dance. Then his sats dropped so we turned him up. He is currently in about 1.5 liters per minute flow. We may need to be getting a new pediatric flow reducer.

His steroids were weaned from a 0.35 to 0.30 and this has not appeared to have any detrimental effects on Mikan. We think that by weaning him he'll pass the doping test after he wins the cheek size gold medal.

We have not had a nurse since Thursday at 3 pm. Now it is Saturday at 10 pm. Our insurance approved 16 hours of service each day. Thursday night the nurse canceled and was taken off the case. Friday morning there was a scheduling error and finger pointing between nurses and schedulers. Friday night the nurse had an emergency, we weren't called until about midnight. This morning, no one was scheduled. We got a letter from the Indiana Board of Health informing us that they were beginning their investigation. They also gave us a contact for the person investigating our class. This should be interesting.

Jenna and I are set on having some sort of restitution from Anchor for time missed. We're not sure how this would look. But, we're aware of how fortunate we are to be two competent adults in this situation who aren't really working yet. We wonder about others in more difficult situations working with Anchor. We would like to be a part of their changing the way they work with patients or ceasing to work with patients.

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Aunt Deb said...

Those are the cutest cheeks I've seen in a long time! You guys must be exhausted caring for him with no breaks. I hope the Accredidation Board can give you some resolution. Way to go Mikan on weaning those steroids!