Monday, August 4, 2008

Mikan is maintaining his lack of schedule. Right now he has no real sleeping patterns or eating patterns. He likes to snack during the day, eating about 1 ounce. But sometimes he'll go for 2.5 ounces. He is becoming a strong cougher. You can hear this cough through his circuit. Usually after he coughs, he needs to be suctioned out of his lung secretions. Coughing in general makes me nervous because I think he is getting sick, although his secretions were white over the weekend. Apparently, coughing is sign his lungs are getting stronger. And we like strong lungs.

Grandma Kartje (Nina) and Alexa and Alexa are visiting from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday. Grandma Kartje is learning how to take care of Mikan and his nuances as she will be taking care of him 2 days a week during the school year. Last night she got an "extra special" opportunity as our night nurse called in sick and Anchor failed to reschedule another nurse for the assignment. Also this weekend, Anchor failed to schedule someone to work 4 hours on Saturday and another nurse who was supposed to do training on Sunday failed to show.

Anchor's Night Average: Who claims to be "Specialists in Home Ventilatory Nursing Care"
Night Nurse One (NNO):
Call Offs 3, Fill in 1. 1 for 3=33.3%
Unless you're in Europe, that's failing. Also, NNO has been scheduled 7 times. NNO is 4 for 7 on attendance. According to the NPHS attendance policy, 2 more and she will fail the class.
Night Nurse Two:
Call Offs 1, Fill in 0. 0 for 1=0%.
I don't think it matters where you're at on this, 0% is failing.

We continue to thank our family, friends, and work support.


Aunt Deb said...

I can't believe that this company is even in business!! Do you have any other options in your area? I think it is time to write your story to the Attorney Generals Office with a copy to the states Insurance Commissioner and the Board of Nursing. This is malpractice!

Victoria said...

I wish I had something helpful or at least funny to say...I can say, "You are all in my prayers!" I am so sorry to hear of your struggles to get good home nursing care. I am very happy to hear that Mikan is surrounded by loving friends and family.