Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mikan is going to get a G-tube put in next Monday because he is failing to eat adequately. The follow could be the reasons for his poor eating:
1.) Reflux/heartburn
2.) The feeding tube that he has right now could be causing a sore on his esophagus that irritates his eating.
3.) He started late on the sucking because of being on a ventilator and it is just a developmental delay
4.) He might be aspirating. This is where the milk goes into his lungs and not his stomach.

Jenna is going to be off from work until next Monday. We're trying to get her off on the day of surgery also. He is getting tobermycin as an inhalation antibiotic. He will get this for the next 4 weeks to treat his staph and pseudomonas.

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